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Petrology, tectonics, and geochronology

Petrology, Tectonics, and Geochronology
Dr. David A. Foster – Tectonics, thermochronology, structural geology, and 40Ar/39Ar dating.
Dr. John M. Jaeger – Coastal and marine sedimentology, glacial sedimentary processes, and continental margin stratigraphy.
Dr. Kyle Min – Thermochronology, geochronology, isotope geochemistry, and planetary geology.
Dr. Joseph Meert – Paleomagnetism and geochronology of the Mesoproterozoic to earliest Palaoezoic, plate configurations, paleoclimate and evolution of life on Earth.
Dr. Paul A. Mueller – Crustal evolution, geochemistry, isotope geology, geochronology, tectonics, and petrology.
Dr. Michael R. Perfit – Petrogenesis of mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB), island arc lavas, and plutons.
Dr. Raymond Russo – Tectonics and seismology, with emphasis on upper mantle flow and lithosphere-asthenosphere interactions.
Dr. Elizabeth J. Screaton – Groundwater flow in geologic processes, exchange of surface and groundwater in karst aquifer systems, and interactions between water flow and deformation in subduction zone sediments.
Dr. James Vogl – Tectonics, structural geology, thermochronology, and metamorphic petrology