Elemental Analysis

Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry

Used for the determination of major, minor, and trace element constituents in rock, mineral, and water samples.

  • Element 2 ICP-Mass Spectrometer

The Element-2 (Thermo-Finnigan) multi-resolution, single collector, magnetic sector plasma mass spectrometer is capable of operating at resolutions of >10,000 and is used for both in-situ and solution-based

Element ll ICP Mass Spectrometer

Element ll ICP-MS

  • Nu Plasma ICP-Mass Spectrometer

The Nu Plasma (Nu Instruments) is a double focusing plasma mass spectrometer equipped with 13 collectors in a configuration designed to optimize U-Pb geochronologic applications. The instrument is integrated with a New Wave UP-213 solid state laser ablation system for in-situ isotopic analyses.

Nu Plasma ICP Mass Spectrometer

Nu Plasma ICP MS


X-Ray Fluorescence

Rigaku Wavelength Dispersive XRF

Rigaku Supermini Wavelength Dispersive XRF

Contact Dr. Ann Heatherington (aheath@ufl.edu) for more information about the XRF facility.

Mineralogic and Crystallographic Analysis