Nepal depremi. Photo by Hilmi Hacaloğlu, Public Domain.

Seismology and Society – Preparing for the Next Big Quake

An article written by Dr. Ray Russo was published on The Conversation, May 1, 2015. As publicly funded research becomes increasingly threatened, making policy-makers aware of the role of cutting-edge scientific… Read More

Map of Indus Valley

Isotope Ratios in Tooth Enamel Track Migration

Four-thousand-year-old teeth can tell a story of ancient Indus civilization migratory habits. New interdisciplinary research involving isotopic analysis of four-thousand-year-old tooth enamel has shed light on the migratory habits of ancient… Read More

SEG Grant for website

SEG-sponsored Geophysical Field Class – Apply Now!

Graduate GLY5786 Topics in Field Geology: 2 Credits Undergraduate GLY4930 Geophysical Field Methods : 2 Credits Application Deadline: Friday May 8, 2015 at 5PM Application Form: SEG Field Class Application (PDF) An exciting new… Read More

Peter and Charelle Trivia Winners

Victory for Gneiss Gators

The Keene Faculty Center was a hive of activity during the Department of Geological Sciences’ Trivia Bowl 2015 on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Thirteen teams with 40 Department undergraduate and… Read More