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Department Celebrates 2015 Award Winners

Each year the Department recognizes students’ outstanding academic achievements and their commitment to service in the Department. On the evening of Thursday, April 23, 2015 members of the faculty, staff… Read More

Nepal depremi. Photo by Hilmi Hacaloğlu, Public Domain.

Seismology and Society – Preparing for the Next Big Quake

An article written by Dr. Ray Russo was published on The Conversation, May 1, 2015. As publicly funded research becomes increasingly threatened, making policy-makers aware of the role of cutting-edge scientific… Read More

Map of Indus Valley

Isotope Ratios in Tooth Enamel Track Migration

Four-thousand-year-old teeth can tell a story of ancient Indus civilization migratory habits. New interdisciplinary research involving isotopic analysis of four-thousand-year-old tooth enamel has shed light on the migratory habits of ancient… Read More

SEG Grant for website

SEG-sponsored Geophysical Field Class

Graduate GLY5786 Topics in Field Geology: 2 Credits Undergraduate GLY4930 Geophysical Field Methods : 2 Credits Application Deadline: DEADLINE PASSED Application Form: SEG Field Class Application (PDF) An exciting new class will be offered in… Read More