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Field Camp 2013 at North Colorado Plateau
Field Camp 2013 participants at the Northern Colorado Plateau.
Photo: Mike Davlantes.

A geology degree provides an understanding of issues associated with the physical earth and skills which are in demand in today’s job market. Courses in geology provide the background for careers in geology, STEM teaching, public policy, and environmental risk assessment, among others. The geology graduate will have a detailed understanding of climate change, the sustainability of the Earth’s resources and the close interplay between human activity and the environment.

The Department of Geological Sciences offers a variety of undergraduate courses in geology, environmental geosciences, and oceanography, and grants three different undergraduate degrees: BS in Geology, BS in Marine Sciences: Interdisciplinary Studies, BA in Geology, and BA in Environmental Geosciences (joint with the Department of Geography).

Students have opportunities to conduct research with faculty members and internships in industry. International exchange programs with direct course equivalents, at UF tuition rates, are available at universities in the UK and Australia through the beyond 120 Program.

Interested in becoming a geology major?

Please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator if you would like to find out more about the Undergraduate Program in Geological Sciences and becoming a geology major.

Undergraduate Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Joseph Meert (
Office: 355 Williamson Hall

UF Online Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Matthew Smith (
Office: 274 Williamson Hall

Picture of group of students working in lab