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50th Anniversary Fund

The 50th Anniversary Fund is an endowment that supports a range of department activities every year. The fund ensures financial stability for the department so that we can keep supporting our undergraduate and graduate students, providing them with the best training for their future careers. The fund supports course and club field trips, academic and industry seminars, course laboratory equipment and materials, outreach education, student internships, student travel to present research at conferences, and scholarships.  Thank you to everyone who supports the 50th Anniversary Fund. Your contribution impacts every single member of our Department, thousands of people in the local community, and the international scientific community.


Mitra Khadka receiving an Award at GSA
Mitra Khadka receiving a Geological Society of America Hydrogeology Student Research Award 2012


Community Earth Science Outreach Events

Children playing with the augmented reality sandbox
Children playing with the Augmented Reality Sandbox at “Can You Dig It?”

Every year you also support a major local outreach event called “Can You Dig It?” that attracts about 2000 visitors including many local families and students. The event is free and provides an extremely valuable opportunity to promote the department’s activities and share our enthusiasm for the Earth sciences with the public. Earth science outreach is a vital tool in community education in the current political climate concerning future environmental policy-making to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Florida.

For upcoming outreach events, please see our events page.