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Ocean Coring
Below are just a few of the current research opportunities with Geological Sciences faculty at the University of Florida. You can find more opportunities and information on the web pages of the various research areas or on faculty web pages.

Geochronology and Crustal Evolution

Research opportunities are available for MS and Ph.D. students interested in the geochemical relationships that develop between the crust and mantle during crustal growth. Specific projects involve the Proterozoic assembly of Laurentia, the Archean crustal evolution of the Wyoming Province, and the Precambrian to Paleozoic evolution of the Appalachians. Our group uses a combination of elemental and isotopic data from geochronolgically (U-Pb zircon) and thermochronologically (Ar-Ar) constrained samples. For information on specific projects and available laboratory facilities, please visit Dr. Paul Mueller’s home page (email: and the website of the Center for Isotope Geoscience.

Southern California Coastal Evolution and Climate Change

MS or Ph.D. student opportunity funded by California Energy Commission to study effects of sea level rise and changes in the Pacific Ocean wave climate on littoral sediment transport and sea cliff retreat in the Southern California Bight. Research would principally involve integrating several pre-existing mathematical models of wave transformation, beach profile evolution, and sediment transport, with possible opportunities for field investigations working with researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Background in MATLAB software and/or general computer skills strongly desired. Supervisor: Dr. Peter Adams (website, email:

Establishing Terrigenous Sediment Sources to the Gulf of Alaska

MS or Ph.D. student opportunity to study glaciogenic sediment provenance to establish the timing and location of Neogene glacial activity in southern Alaska. Research would involve laboratory geochemical and mineralogical analyses of terrigenous and marine sediments from the Gulf of Alaska region. Potential for field work in Alaska to collect additional samples. Supervisor: Dr. John Jaeger (website, email:

Upper Mantle Flow at Subduction Zones

Research projects available for MS or Ph.D. students interested in seismology and geodynamics of subduction. Data and analyses from recent years clearly show that the textbook view of subduction as a two-dimensional process is wrong! Come join a fast-moving group working on seismic anisotropy and three-dimensional upper mantle flow at subduction zones. MS projects would entail analyses of existing data whereas Ph.D. projects could include seismology fieldwork in Chile, Indochina, Romania, or the western U.S. For more details contact Ray Russo (website, email: or visit the Seismology Group web page at UF.