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Undergraduate Degree Tracks

Group photo of undergraduate students at field camp in 2010
Students with interests in the history of the Earth, the materials that compose the Earth, the physical processes that shape the Earth, the resources the Earth provides for society, and the impact of society on the environment are encouraged to consider majoring in the Department of Geological Sciences.

Bachelor of Science-Geology

This track is designed for students planning to take the Professional Geology (PG) licensure exam and/or continue on to graduate school in Geology. This track emphasizes a core understanding of petrology, structural geology, field methodology and paleontology.

BS Geology Degree Requirements
BS Geology Academic Learning Compact

Bachelor of Science-Marine Sciences: Interdisciplinary Studies

The university promotes an interdisciplinary approach to marine science education and research to prepare students for rewarding academic and professional careers. This interdisciplinary studies major offered cooperatively with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, lets students tailor a curriculum that suits their interests and career goals. More information can be found on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Marine Sciences website and the UF Marine Sciences Facebook Page.

BS Marine Sciences Degree Requirements
BS Marine Sciences Academic Learning Compact
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Marine Sciences Website

Bachelor of Arts-Geology

UFOnline Bachelor of Arts-Geology
The Bachelor of Arts in Geology is the most flexible degree, and best suited for students interested in careers in education or environmental policymaking. The degree also allows students the flexibility to pursue advanced degrees in environmental law or environmental medicine. This degree program is offered on campus and through UFOnline.

BA Geology On-Campus Degree Requirements
BA Geology UFOnline Degree Requirements
BA Geology Academic Learning Compact

Bachelor of Arts-Environmental Geosciences

This flexible track is co-offered with the Department of Geography and is designed for students interested in land and water aspects of the environment. The track can be individually tailored to focus on geological resources such as water and mineral exploration and management, geological hazards, environmental planning, resource sustainability or earth science education.

BA Environmental Geosciences Degree Requirements
BA Geology Academic Learning Compact

Minor in Geology

Minor in Geology Degree Requirements

Combined BS/MS or BA/BS/MST

Information and Application Process
Education Minor – College of Education 
In the UFTeach program, you major in a mathematics or science discipline while earning a specialized minor in education.
Information and Application Process
Undergraduate Thesis
Undergraduate Research and Honors
Students in Geology who wish to graduate with high or highest honors will require an independent research project under the direction of a faculty member. Students are also afforded the opportunity to conduct research within our laboratories regardless of their honors status. Read More.


No placements are required in the major other than meeting specific prerequisites for the required coursework.


Students in the Geology Major in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) can specialize in one of three tracks. The Bachelor of Science track requires significant introductory coursework and credits in Calculus, General Chemistry and Physics.