Stable Isotopes

The Light Stable Isotope Mass Spec Lab in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Florida provides isotopic and elemental analysis on a large number of materials.  We analyze samples for scientists and students from a variety of departments at the University of Florida in addition to many US and international universities and institutions.

Isotopic services
δ18O and δ13C of calcite and aragonite (forams, ostracods, gastropods, bulk sediment)
δ18O and δ13C of enamel and apatite
δ18O and δD of water
δ15N and δ13C of organic matter (sediment, animal, plant)
δ13C of atmospheric gases
δ13C of water DIC
δ13C of specific compounds (alkanes, FAME’s, etc.)

Elemental and additional services
Percent C,N,H,S in solids (sediments, organics)
Percent calcium carbonate (sediments)
Total DIC (water)
Headspace CO2 analysis
Solvent extraction
Sediment processing (marine and lacustrine) and microfossil picking (forams ostracods, and gastropods)

Prices and turnaround times vary.  Please contact Jason Curtis for more information.


The Stable Isotope Mass Spec Lab in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Florida consists of three mass spectrometers coupled with 9 preparation systems.  The current mass spectrometers are:

— a Micromass PRISM II isotope ratio mass spec with 4 preparation systems
– Isocarb common acid bath
– MultiPrep prep system
– Triple Trap prep device
– Cracker system

— a Finnigan-MAT 252 isotope ratio mass spec with 2 preparation systems
– Kiel III carbonate prep
– ConFlo II interface attached to an elemental analyzer

–a shared Finnigan-MAT DeltaPlus isotope ratio mass spec with 3 preparation systems
– ConFlo III linked to a elemental analyzer
– GC/Combustion III device
– GasBench prep device

Additional equipment includes a Carlo Erba NA1500 CNS elemental analyzer, a UIC 5011 carbon coulometer with an AutoMate automatic acidification preparation system, a Dionex ASE300 extraction device, various vacuum extraction lines, micro- and macro-balances, and assorted equipment for preparing samples for isotopic and elemental analysis.  The Finnigan-MAT DeltaPlus mass spectrometer is shared with the Department of Botany and the Department of Soil and Water Sciences.