Paleomagnetic Laboratory Facilities


The lab has some sophisticated instruments for paleomagnetic and rock magnetic studies.

U-Channel Magnetometer

2G 755R cryogenic u-channel magnetometer equipped with automatic degausser, ARM and IRM magnetizers

Cryogenic Discrete Sampler Magnetometer

2G 755R cryogenic discrete sample magnetometer


PMC Model 3900 AGM/VSM

Thermal Demagnetizer

Schonstedt TSD-1 (upper) and ASC TD-48 (lower) thermal demagnetizer

Thermal Demagnetizer

MMTD 80 thermal demagnetizer (with ability to create TRM)


DTech 2000 AF demagnetizer

Susceptibility Meter

SI2 magnetic susceptibility meter equipped with automated sample handler system designed by the lab


2G IRM magnetizer