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Seminar Series


The University of Florida Department of Geological Sciences Seminar Series
is a weekly event during the fall and spring semesters that take place in
room 100 Williamson Hall (Bless Auditorium) unless otherwise noted.
Following is the current  Seminar Series schedule:

Thurs., January 10th3:30pm“Recent developments in our understanding of the iron cycle in the oceans, from an iron
isotope perspective”
Dr. Tim Conway, Assistant Professor, College of Marine
Science & School of Geosciences (Joint Faculty)
University of South Florida, Tampa Florida
Thurs., Jan 24th 3:30pm“Zircon: Tiny Recorders of Super-Eruptions” Dr. Tiffany Rivera, Assistant Professor, Geology Department Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah
Tues., Jan 29th
*Room 2000 Farrior Hall*
3:30pm“Mantle plumes and their interaction with tectonic plates: Insights from geodynamic modeling”
Dr. Juliane Dannberg, Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences UC Davis, Davis, California
Thurs., Jan 31st
*Room 2000 Farrior Hall*
3:30pm“Timing and tempo of a global catastrophe: relating forcing mechanisms, environmental change, and mass extinctions" Dr. Courtney Sprain, Postdoctoral Research Associate
School of Environmental Sciences
University of Liverpool, Liverpool, England
Tues., Feb. 5th
*Room 2000 Farrior Hall*
3:30pm“Titanite, Thermo- or Petrochronometer” Dr. Robert Holder, Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
Thurs., Feb7th3:30pm“Marine Mosaics: Emerging Patterns of Nitrogen Fixation in the Oceans” Dr. Doug Capone, Chair Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Mon., Feb 11th3:30pmTBA
Dr. Chris Milliner, NASA postdoc fellow
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Tues., Feb 12th3:30pmDates and Rates for Geological Processes: Three examples from geochronological and paleomagnetic investigations of hotspot motion, foreland basin sedimentation, and impact craters Dr. Eric Tohver, Assistant Professor School of Earth and Environment
University of Western Australia
Thurs., Feb 14th3:30pmTBA
Dr. Robert Hatfield, Postdoctoral Research Assistant Paleomagnetic & Environmental Magnetic Research Lab Oregon State University
Thurs., Feb 21st3:30pmTBA
Dr. Adrien Arnulf, Research Associate Institute for Geophysics, Jackson School of Geosciences University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Thurs., Feb 28th3:30pmTBA
Thurs., March 7th3:30pmTBA
Thurs., March 14th3:30pmTBA
Thurs., March 21st3:30pmTBA
Thurs., March 28th3:30pmTBA
Thurs., April 4th3:30pmTBA
Thurs., April 11th3:30pmTBA
Thurs., April 16th3:30pmTBA