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Undergraduate Thesis

Thesis for High/Highest Honors: Students with a 3.5 GPA may choose to complete an honors thesis in order to receive High Honors (Magna cum laude) or Highest Honors (Summa cum laude).
Course Requirements: Students conducting an honors thesis must complete 6 hours of GLY4905.

  1. Students must communicate their intention to complete a thesis to the undergraduate adviser ( in the first month of the semester (August for fall commencement; January for spring commencement and May for summer commencement).
  2. Thesis abstracts must be turned in according to the guidelines and deadlines posted on the UF Honors website.
  3. The deadline for final submission of an honors thesis is as follows:
    1. Consideration for Chair’s Award: Thesis must be submitted and approved by thesis adviser two weeks prior to the end of the graduating semester.
    2. Others: Thesis must be submitted the week before graduation and the thesis adviser must e-mail the undergraduate adviser ( their suggestion for high or highest honors.  This is only for those who want to purchase/wear the appropriate honor cords at graduation all others see section (c).
    3. College: The Honors office designates the date for final submission of the thesis (normally one day before graduation).
  4. Chair’s Award: In order to be considered for the Chair’s Award, the student must also submit a copy of their thesis to the awards committee at least 2 weeks before the awards ceremony that is held near the end of the Spring semester.   The committee will forward the name of the winner to the awards coordinator.