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Sea-level Rise: Reality Strikes in East Coast Communities

Recent research at the Lignumvitae Key in South Florida conducted by the Department of Geological Sciences’ Paleoclimate research group was featured in a New York Times article entitled, “Flooding of the Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun.” This research is part of an international effort, led by Dr. Andrea Dutton, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences, to assess the potential impact of future sea-level rise due to global warming. As the frequency of “sunny-day flooding” in coastal communities along the east coast of the US increases, the reality of global warming is finally starting to sink in. Read the full article here.
Dr. Dutton’s research has been featured regularly in the public media over the past year and you can catch up on some of that coverage in these news posts:

Dr. Andrea Dutton sets up a drill site.
Dr. Dutton sets up a drill site. Photo by Karen Vyverberg.
Drill team at work. Photo by Dr. Dutton.
Drill team at work. Top: Dr. Harold Hudson. Left to right: Dr. Dutton, Dr. Gregor Eberli, Dr. Jason Curtis and Dow Van Arnam. Photo by Karen Vyverberg.

Header image: Department of Geological Sciences drill crew explore Lignumvitae Key in South Florida. Photo by Dr. Dutton.