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Dr. Paul A. Mueller

Professor of Geology
Ph.D. Rice University, 1971

Research Interests

  • Chemical and geodynamic evolution of the crust-mantle system, with an emphasis on the chronologic, isotopic, and elemental systematics of Precambrian rocks and their implications for Precambrian tectonics. Geochronology and isotope geology, with an emphasis on the U-Pb, Rb- Sr, Lu-Hf, and Sm-Nd systematics in igneous,metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks and minerals.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Mueller, P. and Wooden, J., 2012, Trace element and Lu-Hf systematics in Hadean-Archean detrital zircons: Implications for crustal evolution. Journal of Geology, v. 120, p. 15-29.
  • Mueller, P., Wooden, J., Mogk, D., and Foster, D., 2011, Paleoproterozoic evolution of the Farmington zone: Implications for terrane accretion in SW Laurentia. Lithosphere, v 3. P. 401-408.
  • Mueller, P., Wooden, J., and Mogk, D., 2011, 2450 Ma metamorphism recorded in 3250 Ma gneisses, Gallatin Range, Montana. Northwest Geology, v. 40, p. 1-8.
  • Bickford, M., McLelland, J., Mueller, P., Kamenov. G., and Neadle, M., 2010, Hf isotopic compositions in zircons from Adirondack AMCG suites: Implications for the petrogenesis of anorthosites, gabbros, and granitic members of the suite. Canadian Mineralogist, v. 48, p. 751-761.
  • Mueller, P., Wooden, J., Mogk, D., Henry, D., and Bowes, D., 2010, Rapid growth of an Archean continent by arc magmatism. Precambrian Research, v. 183, p. 70-88.
  • Mueller, P., Kamenov. G., Heatherington, A., and Richards, J., 2008, Crustal evolution in the southern Appalachian orogen: Evidence from Hf isotopes in detrital zircons. Journal of Geology, v. 116, p. 414-422.
  • Shirey, S., Kamber, B., Whitehouse, M., Mueller, P., and Basu, A., 2008, A review of the geochemical evidence for mantle and crustal processes in the Hadean and Archean: Implications for the onset of plate tectonic subduction.  GSA Memoir 440, p. 1-29.
  • Bickford, M, Mueller, P., Kamenov, G., and Hill, B., 2008, Crustal evolution of southern Laurentia during the Paleoproterozoic: Insights from zircon Hf isotopic studies of ca. 1.75 rocks in Central Colorado. Geology, v.36, p. 555-558.
  • Steltenpohl, M., Hatcher, R., Mueller, P., Heatherington, A., and Wooden, J., 2010, Geological and U-Pb isotopic data bearing on the geologic history of the Pine Mountain window.  Geological Society of America Memoir 206, p. 837-858.
  • Heatherington, A., Mueller, P., and Wooden, J., 2010, Alleghanian plutonism in the Suwannee terrane, U.S.A.: Implications for Late Paleozoic tectonic models. Geological Society of America Memoir 206, p. 607-620.