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Seismology and Planetary Science


  • Dr. Alessandro Forte  –  Global geophysics and geodynamics, joint seismic-geodynamic modelling of 3-D Earth structure, quantitative modelling of mantle convection and its impact on surface processes, which include gravity, topography, sea level, plate tectonics, earth orbital parameters, paleogeography, and Milanković climate cycles.
  • Dr. Stephen M. Elardo ‘s research focuses on Planetary Geochemistry, Igneous Petrology, Experimental Petrology, Lunar Science, and Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes
  • Dr. Ray Russo works on tectonics and seismology with an emphasis on upper mantle flow and lithosphere-asthenosphere interactions. With students and colleagues, he is currently running a broadband seismic experiment aimed at understanding subduction of the Chile Spreading Ridge beneath the southern Andes. (email: