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Isotope Geoscience

The Center for Isotope Geoscience is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the improvement of analytical techniques for measuring isotopic variations in natural and man-made materials, the application of these data to the solution of fundamental problems in the geosciences, and the communication of this knowledge through educational activities. The CIG occupies over 3000 square feet of recently renovated laboratory space in Williamson Hall in the center of the University’s main academic campus. Overall, faculty from three colleges and many departments at the University of Florida conduct isotopically-based research in four primary areas:

  • Paleoclimatology/Paleolimnology/Paleoceanography/Paleoecology
  • Crust-Mantle Evolution
  • Tectonics and Geodynamics
  • Geochronology/Thermochronology

The isotope geochemistry facilities in the department include a large clean lab and an array of instrumentation for analysis of radiogenic isotopes, stable isotopes, and elemental analysis.  Visitors are welcome at the center, and anyone interested in utilizing the facilities should contact the director or the appropriate laboratory manager.

Those interested in collaborative research should contact the appropriate faculty.


  • GLY 3074: Oceans and Global Climate
  • GLY 5075: Global Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future
  • GLY 5241: Introduction to Geochemistry
  • GLY 6268C: Isotope Geology
  • GLY 6297: Topics in Geochemistry

The Center for Isotope Geoscience is involved in education through standard university curricula, plus workshops and short courses.